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We are looking for Instructors

How to become KRAV MAGA DEFCON® Assistant/Basic Instructor?

Ideally you already have some sort of certification in any other martial arts and can show some experience in teaching martial arts or being a trainer.

If you do not possess this qualification, you would have to practice consistently for 24 months with one of our training centers. We also recommend to do Basic weekend seminars at the same time. On top of that, you would have to do all 3 Intructor-Preparation modules (3*3 days or alternatively 1 week) and the graduation weekend where you will be finally tested.

Please keep in mind that those are benchmarks which are valid for a good applicant with excellent requirements who practices on a continuous level with a qualified and suitable partner.

In other cases, the time of preparation depends on the individual level of proficiency. For a very talented person who can learn fast and shows outstanding performance, the time of preparation can be shortened. This often happens with people who have already reached the instructor level in other martial arts. In those cases, the Chief Instructor together with the Master Instructor decides on the individual case.

The trial period for Assistant Instructors under direction of a Basic Instructor is about 6 months which concludes with a demonstration lesson which has to be passed successfully.

If you are interested, just come to one of our weekend seminars or join a free trial session in one of our training centers. Armin Berberich and the other instructors will judge your level of proficiency individually and will give you the approximate time for preparation to be an Instructor.

We are looking for Partners

We want to expand on a continuous basis and are looking to bring our fully developed and proven system into new countries. We are always looking for qualified fighters, trainer, instructors – or those who want to become one. We help you to develop your skills and as soon as you are a certified instructor, we will also help you to open a Krav Maga Defcon Training Center in your region. Come and profit from our experience and resources!

Are you interested? Contact us!