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Our BASIC-Program is divided into 4 modules.

All four modules can be completed independently. The order in which the seminars are completed does not matter.
In those seminars, all techniques are practiced in different varieties. The BASIC-Seminars are very helpful to beginners as well as to advanced learners and even instructors, since they deepen the existing knowledge of techniques and further enlarge the technique repertoire.
All Instructors (BASIC-Instructors and upper) can participate in the seminars for free.

Advanced / Specialty

ADVANCED / SPECIALTY–Seminars are divided up as follows:

WEAPONS: How to use weapons, defense against attacks with knife and stick and threat of firearms

FIGHTING: Fighting in all distances (Stand-up and grappling) including transition from Stand/Clinch/Grappling.

GRAPPLING: Grappling with all possible levers and strangulation.

ZUGRIFF: Access and fixation techniques, how to overpower an opponent, fixation and control techniques for stand-up and grappling, practice of protective techniques, how to use fixation tools

Instructor-Preparation Classes

The Instructor-Preparation Classes are divided into three modules. An ideal candidate who practiced continuously with one of our instructors will attend Module 1.

Necessary requirement for the preparation classes is the KMD-BASIC III-Level or a proof of attendance of all BASIC-Seminars (I – IV).

Instructor-Preparation Classes are also suitable for everybody who would like to participate in a very intensive training of the entire BASIC-Program. Instructor candidates are required to participate in the preparation classes. There is no guarantee that a candidate who participates in the preparation classes will master the Assistant-Instructor-Test. The test for the Assistant-BASIC-Instructor can be completed at the end of Module 3. The costs for the test are not included in the seminar price. If the probation time of three to twelve months is successfully completed, the candidate will go through a teaching examination which finally leads to the title BASIC-Instructor.

Please find all prices on the respective application forms.