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Safety Training for Emergency Rescue Services (ERS) and Fire Fighters

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In a recent study of the University of Bochum, Germany, Dr. Wolfgang Heinemann showed that rescue services find themselves more often in situations of constrains and verbal and physical attacks. Attempts of attack by intoxicated or aggressive patients bring rescue services in more and more danger. Moreover, they are prevented from executing life-saving measures. Experiences of violence and anxiety during their duty often come with the loss of control and therefore prevent the rescue personnel from doing their job. Therefore, the majority of the rescue service personnel who has taken part in the survey asks for preventive measures which help to regain control in stress situations (source: Rettungsdienst, 8-2011, 34 Jahrgang, 706).

Armin Berberich and his team at KravMagaDefcon® have developed a special safety training tailored to the needs of rescue services and fire fighters, which, similar to the police training, puts the safety of the rescue personnel forward.
Overriding goal of the training is to show the rescue personnel effective and easy-learnable methods to protect themselves from any type of violence.

KravMagaDefcon® is a highly modern and extremely efficient self-defense system. It was developed to help people to rapidly cope with all kinds of aggressive attacks.

The original self-defense system “KravMaga” which was taught to the Israeli Special Forces serves as basis. It was adjusted to fit the European legal framework. With a few basic techniques, the rescue personnel has a realistic chance to survive an attack during their duty without any damage.

One element of the course is the realistic role play where all situations of an actual rescue mission are imitated. Here, an instructor with full-body riot gear simulates an attack (Model Mugging).

The Seminar: Safety Training for Rescue Services – “For your own safety“ consists of a theoretical part (25%) and practical KravMaga training. In the theoretical part, all phases of the rescue mission are observed in terms of the rescue personnel’s safety. In the practical part, defensive techniques and methods of control are trained in alignment with self-defense and assistance in emergencies.

Since July 2011 KravMagaDefcon® executes pilot-seminars with the Rescue Organization “MalteserHilfsdienste.V.” of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. The program is continuously evaluated by the participating rescue personnel as well as the management of MalteserHilfsdienste.V. and Dr. Wolfgang Heinemann from the Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany.