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Krav Maga Defcon ®, Selbstverteidigung

Who can become a Member?

In general, everybody is welcome to join Krav Maga Defcon® and practice with us!

To be part of the regular training, we require a certain physical fitness or the willingness to improve it through our training. Participants should be at least 14 years old. In case of minors, a conversation is needed for them to practice or take part in seminars.

Krav Maga Defcon ®, Selbstverteidigung

For physically challenged people we offer special seminars. We have already successfully executed seminars with blind and visually handicapped people as well as for people who are deaf.

In order for us to guarantee that the “right” people are trained, we reserve our right to refuse to train certain people. In most cases, those are people who were previously convicted for assault or people who are popular for their behavior among the police.


Krav Maga Defcon ®, Selbstverteidigung

How does a practice look like?

Ideally, people should practice for a certain period of time on a weekly basis in one of our training centers. Here, a training session, which is usually of 90 minutes duration, includes the following sequences, who can differ depending on the instructor in charge:

  1. Warm-Up, strength and conditioning, stretching, about 20 – 30 min
  2. Technique training, about 30 – 40 min
  3. Power Drills (batting, kicking), about 20 – 30 min


Many training centers which offer daily practice have a central training topic which changes every week. With this, we can guarantee that those who can attend only one practice per week have the same chances of learning the complete content as those who attend practice several times per week.

Depending on the topic, special theory parts are included in the training schedule. We also execute so called “Model


Mugging” where real attacks are simulated when an instructor in riot gear attacks each person in isolation. This is absolutely necessary so that each person can overcome his or her personal inhibitions and practice self-defense under the influence of stress.

In addition to regular practice we recommend to take part in special seminars which are offered on special dates and weekends. This is necessary for instructor candidates. 
See our training schedules and all upcoming events under Seminars and Dates.


Basic Equipment

The basic equipment is mandatory for every training session.
You can purchase the training gear easily in our Kravmaga-Shop:

  • kravmaga-grundausstattung-training-01Official KMD-Shirt
  • kravmaga-grundausstattung-training-02Harbinger Fighting gloves (can be used for Defcon Fighting)
  • kravmaga-grundausstattung-training-03Boxing gloves for sparring-sessions
  • kravmaga-grundausstattung-training-04Mouthguard
  • kravmaga-grundausstattung-training-05Groin protector for men and women