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Defcon Weapons

Krav Maga Defcon®, Defcon Weapons

Defcon Weapons is another specialty track of KMD.
Here, the use of weapons as well as the defense against an attack with weapons is trained.

Key aspect of Defcon Weapons is to teach fighting based on self-defense with knifes and sticks. In addition to that, we teach to cope with all kinds of everyday items which can be used as a weapon during an attack.

During seminars, the use of weapons in taught against one or more, armed, or in rare cases unarmed, attacks.

Even though we do many different exercises with knifes and sticks and include theoretical sessions to be able to react in case of an emergency, we never trivialize the subject and are aware of the fact that using weapons should be seen as a last resort.

Self-defense in case of emergency:

We always consider the legal aspects behind a situation to avoid legal impacts after using weapons in self-defense.