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Defcon Junior Class

Krav maga Defcon®, Junior Class

Self-Defense for Children?

“Children don’t even have a chance when they have to stand up to a grown man. Self-defense makes everything much worse. It seems better if the child doesn’t even try to fight it.”

“Often, self-defense classes give children the idea that they could actually fight a grown person if it comes to an attack. Many times, those classes don’t even teach the children to avoid those situations and to run away.”

“In self-defense classes, kids are given an abnormal self-confidence. If a child is attacked by someone there is no chance that the child gets away. Most of the time, the attack is not even violent but on a psychic level. So why even bother with self-defense classes for chidren?”

All those arguments about self-defense classes are completely false and statistics from the police or stories from victims prove the exact difference.

It is important to understand, that if a parent thinks like this, many times, a child overtakes the same views. In KravMagaDefcon® Junior Class Trainings, the actual attack plays a minor role. We think that it is much more important that a child understand where an attack could possibly be and how a dangerous situation could look like in order for them to be able to avoid danger and moreover, to teach the children to avoid wrong behavior, which could possibly provoke an attack.

Prevention and defense of sexual attacks are only minor goals of the training because many times, children are attacked by other children of the same age, are victims of bullying or other types of harassment.

A healthy self-confidence is important for a child and together with skills of how to avoid being bullied and harassed will give the children a higher quality of life and keeps them out of dangerous situations.



Krav maga Defcon®, Junior Class

What is KMD Junior Class ® ?

If someone is looking for self-defense classes for children online, he or she will receive an immense and overwhelming offer from all the different martial arts such as Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu or Kickboxing classes for children.

Naturally, any type of martial arts can possibly contribute to the ability of self-defense, if they are practiced on a regular, and can give a child the idea that he or she is able to defend him or herself. It has to be mentioned, though, that the opinion about those type of self-defense classes for children various greatly.

KMD’s Junior Class differs in many ways from martial arts introductions for children:

  • Main goal is not the actual hitting or the physical defense, but how to strengthen the child’s personality
  • Self-assertion and self-confidence are wakened in the child and will continuously be further developed.
  • Experience shows: Children, who are confident and courteous, are less likely to be harassed or captured against their will.

Even though we do teach how to hit someone’s nose and kick the shin, psychological and educational thoughts are in the foreground.

In general, in KMD Self-defense, which serves as the basis for the KMD Junior Class, there are no tests and exams for different belts. However, in order to give children more motivation and more ambition to improve their skills, we decided to implement the well-known belt-system from other martial arts in our KMD Junior Class. Experience proves our decision right. Children need goals in order to compare themselves and with the different tests for receiving the next belt, they automatically know how to overcome a challenge.


Krav maga Defcon®, Junior Class

Our Goals

As mentioned before, our self-defense training consists in many parts of training, which develops the child’s self-confidence, as well as their perception of danger in order to avoid or deactivate conflicting situations and to learn certain rules of conduct for those situations.
If children are able to notice danger it helps them to avoid it. This indicates two things: First, to be able to avoid dangerous situations and second, to understand what to do if it comes to an actual attack.

In order to understand this, the following paradox has to be understood:

“I can fight in order to avoid fighting.”

Even though children learn effective defensive techniques and hart hitting moves, it is important for them to understand that they should try to avoid it in the first place.

Above everything, the kids learn discipline and are given a realistic view of what they can, and more important, what they cannot do, to be able to avoid unnecessary danger.

Another important goal of our training is: Never provoke an attack!

Our instructors teach many different techniques and moves and show the consequences of the behavior, which is in many times different then what the children expected. Kids need to understand what they want to avoid and how to make that clear to their opponent. Therefore, it is required that the children understand their own feelings and learn their boundaries. Most important, they need to be able to appear clear and in case of an attack clear and strong say what they don’t want.

Finally, the children are taught how to effectively seek help and draw the attention to them in order to receive help from adults.

The contents and topics of our self-defense training for children show: We don’t offer short self-defense seminars for kids like many martial arts clubs do. Quite the contrary, we want to teach kids how to avoid getting in a fight and to detect a dangerous situation early by strengthen a child’s self-confidence.


Junior Class Training Contents

  • Scream as loud as you can and say “No” loud and clear!
  • Batting and kicking techniques
  • Vocal training
  • How to behave in conflict situations
  • How to free yourself

Those are only a few techniques of our self-defense training KravMagaDefcon® Junior Class.

In every practice, we try to give a great variety of methods, such as individual training, training with a partner, working in groups and role plays to achieve the goals mentioned before. The “Be sure to be strong”- game additionally tests the child’s reality.

The following describes a possible situation:

Simon walks home from school. He is not thinking about anything bad, when all of a sudden a car stops next to him. “Do you know how I will get to the city”, a man asks and offers Simon some candy in order to bring him closer to the car. Since candy doesn’t help, the man tries to violently pull Simon into the car. Now, it is on Simon to show what he has learned in the training.

After this, the situation is evaluated in the training. Did Simon behave in the right way? Was he able to apply the techniques he has learned in the training?

Of course, in our self-defense classes, we also teach how to effectively defend oneself in an emergency. However, we all know one thing: Techniques such as aimed hitting and kicking cannot be taught out of a book or written down in an article. They need to be practiced.

Therefore, we do not show any techniques on this page.


Instructors for KMD Junior Class

The concept described before clearly indicates: A strong concept for self-defense for children does not only consist of defense techniques, it also has to include psychological and educational lessons and demands instructors who are capable of working with children.
Therefore, we only have instructors who are specially training to work with children.

You can request further information about training for KMD Junior Class instructors directly from:

Krav Maga Defcon®
Postfach 1574
78052 Villingen-Schwenningen.