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Defcon Fighting

Krav Maga Defcon®, Defcon Fighting

Defcon Fighting is the new section of the umbrella organization Defcon Systems and is our reaction to the great demand for athletic trade shows and the steady growing popularity of free fight.

We have developed a program of great variety of effective and striking techniques of all kinds of martial arts. Contrary to the self-defense we teach in KMD, athletics are in focus. Even though it is taught as an athletic discipline, there is only a minor presence of rules and regulations compared to other free fight disciplines.Nevertheless, there have to be some rules to avoid injuries in practice or at tournaments.

Defcon Fighting includes techniques and moves of all kinds of martial arts. It is taught in all distances. In the training sessions, all techniques are tried out in the form of sparring. All seminars and also the training sessions are designed for everybody to join – beginners and professionals.

If a test is successful passed, each head of a training center and each Defcon® Instruktorcan include Defcon® Fighting-Training in his or her program.