Modern Self-Defense from Israel
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KRAV MAGA DEFCON® is tailored to Europe in all of its facets. The development of the system is constantly expedited by the Chief Instructor and his team always in cooperation with other instructors of the system. The idea is to continuously challenge the system and develop new objective criteria for testing and therefore improving the system.


The danger of threats and different types of attacks is subject to ongoing change. This can be seen when observing the defense of an armed attack. Since new weapons emerge continuously, new techniques to control those weapons have to be developed all the time.

This also applies to unarmed attacks. Comparing the type and degree of injuries of assaults and battery of today with those 40 or 50 years ago shoes a serious and dangerous escalation.

The organization of Krav Maga Defcon® is therefore anxious to endlessly put the system on a test to not only


improve but to expand the repertoire of techniques.

Krav Maga Defcon® is a modern and progressive self-defense system which adapts to the changing environment of our society on a day-to-day basis.