Modern Self-Defense from Israel
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Krav Maga Defcon ®, Geschichte

How did KMD emerge?

“Krav Maga” is hebrew and generally means contact-fight. Krav Maga was originally the exclusive self-defense system of the Israeli security forces.

KRAV MAGA DEFCON® is further developed of the different Israeli Krav Maga systems. It is significantly based on Amnon Maor’s version, which he practiced as Chief Instructor of the Israeli Border Patrol Special Forces. Being Director of Operations and Instructor, Amnon Maor’s day-to-day involvement and his long-term experience made him modify the originally self-defense system of the Israeli police and army forces to a substantial extend. Therefore, the adjustment to Israel’s present finally lead to Krav Maga Maor.

Those techniques and movements as well as theory, methodology and didactics were further developed by Armin Berberich during his time as Chief Instructor in Germany and throughout the years tailored to European needs and legal requirements for self-defense to finally be registered as the new system KRAV MAGA DEFCON®.

In the military field, other, in parts commercial, institutions tried to further develop Krav Maga. Contrary to KRAV MAGA DEFCON®, which strives for improvement and optimization, the focus was to offer the pure and original Krav Maga.

KRAV MAGA DEFCON® does not put any emphasis on “original” or “pure and unchanged”; we try to optimize the efficiency of the self-defense system.