Modern Self-Defense from Israel
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Krav Maga Defcon® | Charakteristika & rechtliche Aspekte

What differentiates KMD from other Martial Arts?

Krav Maga Defcon® is a highly modern and extremely efficient self-defense system. It was developed to help people to rapidly cope with all kinds of aggressive attacks. Therefore, even physically weaker women and men have a realistic chance to survive a serious threat.

In practice, Krav Maga Defcon® means coping with one or two opponents in a struggle for survival weather it is in an armed or an unarmed attack of any distance. The goal is not to win over your opponent, but to survive extreme situations and control threats and aggressions of all types. Consequently, Krav Maga Defcon® abandons artistic elements and fine executed techniques and instead relies on a basis of natural, in every person anchored, reflexes which are easily available even in extreme situations of mental stress.

The reflexes are supplemented through direct, easy executable, efficient techniques in order to end the upcoming threat as fast as possible.

Hence, the ultimate goal of Krav Maga Defcon® is to prepare someone to be able to react as fast as possible to defend him or herself if it is necessary.


Legal Aspects

Krav Maga Defcon® | Charakteristika & rechtliche Aspekte

Krav Maga Defcon® is not only an improvisation of older Krav Maga concepts; in many areas, KMD is also a significant extension of the initial system from Israel.

A fundamental change is presented by the fact that Krav Maga Defcon® considers the European legal aspects. Here, the primary goal was to guarantee that whoever practices KMD should act according to the law without constraining the effectiveness of the system. Preventive measures and de-escalation were combined with other efficient methods of physical resistance to result in a system of different levels. With this, we can promise that we offer resistance and techniques for every situation – from verbal aggression to assault and battery and massive and life-threatening armed attacks.

All in all, this does not only ensure the person who defends him or herself to protect physical soundness it also guarantees that a possible legal action will be survived safe.